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Luxury Hand-Poured Candles

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Our Brand Story

Founded in 2023, She's Loved & Lit's mission is to inspire women to prioritize self-love and self-care. Our passion for creating luxurious and empowering scented candles is rooted in our own personal journeys towards self-acceptance and inner peace. Through our candles, we hope to encourage women to take a moment to light up, unwind, and celebrate themselves.

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About Our Candles

We offer a luxurious assortment of hand-poured candles designed with the modern woman in mind, who embraces self-love and self-care as essential pillars of her lifestyle. Our exquisite candles are thoughtfully crafted to complement and elevate the moments of tranquility and joy in her daily routine.

Our extensive selection of aromas promises to satisfy every preference, as varied and diverse as the women who inspire us. Our fruity scents evoke a sense of playfulness and vitality, infusing the atmosphere with the essence of blissful moments. Our floral fragrances celebrate femininity and grace, enveloping the room in a gentle embrace of tranquility. For those who revel in the great outdoors, our woodsy aromas offer a captivating escape to nature's embrace. And lastly, our fresh scents breathe life and invigoration into any space, embodying the vibrancy and confidence of the modern woman.

Soy Candles

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Autism Awareness Collection

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Message to Our Customers

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"Embrace your radiance, for within you lies an extraordinary light. As you leave our site, remember that self-confidence blooms from self-care, and self-love ignites the world around you. Nourish your soul, tend to your spirit, and let your brilliance shine unapologetically. You are loved and lit – a beacon of strength and beauty in a world that awaits your luminous presence."

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- She's Loved & Lit-

Thanks for shopping with us! Your business is greatly appreciated!

"May your heart always be kindled by the flame of self-empowerment, and may it radiate warmth and love to illuminate the paths of others as you continue your journey of self-discovery and growth."

- She's Loved & Lit-

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